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A Program Designed For Your Home

Every home is unique, and every program should be too. 

We listen, so we can create your perfect care center.

We start with our custom built line-up for the aging community, focused on recreation and leisure. 

From there we introduce virtual reality experiences targeted for reminiscence and boosting mood.

From traveling to places residents have never been to reminiscing about their childhood homes, the VRCC does it all.

The VRCC is designed to be easy to learn, deploy and enjoy.

With a powerful sanitation solution for infection control, a mobile cart to bring VR wherever it’s needed, and a dedicated local area network for multiplayer and casting – we ensure your program works in every situation.

We provide all types of experiences for your residents, keeping engagement high and your community bustling with excitement.

Our software allows you to tune into the action, so VR can be a shared, and guided experience.

Choose to be hands on, and empower your residents with worlds to explore.

We train your staff to be confident in facilitating VR, from on-boarding, to understanding how to facilitate personalized experiences for each resident.

We provide all the knowledge your staff need to empower themselves with VR as a Therapeutic Recreation and leisure compliment; and we’re only just a phone call away if you ever need help. 

Virtual reality care for the aging community is under intense investigation from universities all over the world.

Many of our partners have already discovered multiple applications of virtual reality for clinically significant cognitive growth, mood boosts, greater social cohesion and to combat isolation and anxiety.

An Evidence Based Care program using Virtual Reality

Ready to integrate the Virtual reality care center in your home?

A program customized to your needs

The Virtual Reality Care Center​

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